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Who we are

The “Fundación para la Sostenibilidad y la Equidad” (Foundation for sustainability and equity”, known as ALIARSE, is a non-governmental organization promoted by public institutions and private companies which, aware of the economic, social, and environmental challenges the country faces, have joined forces to contribute to national sustainability, social justice, and development.

ALIARSE was created in 2006, following an initiative from professionals knowledgeable about the scope and impacts generated by public-private partnerships, who founded the organization. Since its conception, ALIARSE has been a catalyzing agent for public-private interactions in search for the common good.


Our aspiration

To maximize the impact of the different cooperation schemes between public and private partners in their efforts towards sustainable development.



Our motivations

  • To develop effective cooperation schemes for sustainable development
  • To strengthen the State’s social responsibility, together with that of its citizens.
  • To promote cost-efficient schemes for the management of development.

Our values

  • Collaboration
  • Commitment
  • Equity
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Transparency

Strategic goal

ALIARSE will promote an increased public-private participation in the management of sustainable development through the generation of knowledge needed to inform decision-making, by influencing public policy, and generating capacity-building for the management of PPPDs and PPP, as well as the management, sustainability, and scalability of partnerships in areas deemed as priorities for national development.

To this end, it is imperative to standardize PPPDs’ and PPPs’ good practices in the country and throughout Latina America, apply the right management systems for PPPDs, and encourage important training and consulting efforts with key actors. Additionally, we will contribute to the development and strengthening of public policies, as well as the instrumentalization of PPPDs and PPPs, especially within the public sector.

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