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ALIARSE provides consulting services to analyze the feasibility of establishing a PPP, design and effectively manage a PPPD, as well as measure and verify the health and impact of partnerships.

To whom?

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 Feasibility studies, technical support, implementation of management systems for PPPDs, among others.

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How many?

ALIARSE has consulted on more than 10 initiatives at the national and international level.

Among the consultancies stand out:

  • International Youth Foundation, IYF – BID FOMIN. Success factors and lessons drawn from the creation of Public-Private Partnerships within the framework of NEO in Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Paraguay. and Panama, between 2015 and 2017.
  • Costa Rican Ministry of Public Education, MEP. Drafting of a Guide for the Creation of Public-Private Partnerships for Development within MEP, 2016.
  • Technical Secretariat, Partnership for Recycling, Partnership for Carbon Neutrality, Partnership for Cacao Clean & Fair, National Partnership for Road Safety, among others.

Some of the major activities are:

Promoting and Evaluating PPPD Category, AMCHAM Award for Social Responsibility in Action.


AMCHAM Costa Rica.

Drafting proposal for the Presidential Executive Decree for the promotion of Public-Private Partnerships for Development within the public sector.

Executive Decree 1040 - 2016.

Solís Rivera Administration.

Mainstreaming the topic of PPPDs within the curricula for public management.


University of Costa Rica, School of Public Management.

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